Peter's electronic projects

DIY remote control based on PIC

v4.2 designed by Peter JAKAB in 2004-2005
old version in December, 1999
NOTE for beginners: PICs are general purpose microcontrollers which have to be programmed before you can use them in the actual circuit! Check out this link to learn more.

Please visit the main remote control page for the full project details. This is only a modification of the original remote control transmitter. The software description and the receiver details are found on the main page.

4/8-channel V4.2 radio transmitter

radio remote control transmitter schematic
This is the rewrite of the 4/8 channel transmitter software from the PIC16f630 to the PIC16f627/f628 microcontroller. The 8-channel transmitter has one button per channel. The 4-channel transmitter has ON/OFF buttons for controlling four (latched output) channels. If you need addresses, connect diodes between CJ and the R1-R4 pins. Higher supply voltage results higher transmit power, but V+ range is 2-5.5VDC for the PIC MCU. When V+ is higher than 5VDC, use separate power for the mcu.

Update on 11/02/2011: the hardware and the software has been optimized for battery operation (low current consumption). The two changes are: RA5 (#4) input pin is connected to VDD, and BODEN is disabled in the configuration word (55 uA).

Download the code for
Select between the 4-channel or the 8-channel version by defining either MODE_CH4 or MODE_CH8, as described on the main remote control page.