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Superregenerative radio receiver

This is a simple RF receiver mainly for low-distance digital radio receiver application. The analog output of this circuit should be connected to a schmitt-trigger signal conditioning circuit with a proper value capacitor (from collector of T3). L1 for 27Mhz is about 10 turns, 6 mm diameter coil body. The circuit is suitable for other frequencies if L1 is changed.

For more radio-related circuit diagrams see my RF circuit collection


thermometer schematic

components used

component value
R1 220k
R2 10k
R3 33k
R4 1M
R5 56k
R6 1M
R7 33k
R8 1k
C1 22p
C2 4.7p
C3 22p
component value
C4 2.2n
C5 10u
C6 4.7n
C7 22n
C8 4.7n
C9 470n
C10 470p
C11 47u
L2 100u
T1 BF198
T2 BC182B
T3 BC182B